Career Confidence Booster

Become Unapologetically Authentic, Empowered and Successful in Your Career

Who Am I?

I’m Lily, your Career Confidence and Leadership Coach.

If you’re stuck in a rut, not progressing in your career, feeling disillusioned, unfulfilled and lost with no clue on what to do, I’m your gal.

Corporate professionals hire me to unlock their full potential and succeed because most feel stuck and unfulfilled with their current work-life, not to mention, they don’t know what they want, how to get there or why they want it. So I help them get purposeful and intentional, break the glass ceiling, and unleash their full potential.

The bottom line is they will get excited about their careers again.

Lily had a successful career in corporate consulting with one of the big four firms, training and advising clients to deliver multimillion transformation programmes and helping individuals to develop authentic leadership capabilities and successful careers.

She is a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, a trained facilitator for #IamRemarkable workshops, and optimising team dynamics. She holds a Diploma of Transformational Coaching from Animas Centre for Coaching and is an Executive Contributor with Brainz Magazine.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

For corporate professionals struggling with finding their voice and confidence, and are not growing in their careers. Through working with Lily, they will be equipped with the clarity and tools to succeed and progress in their career, find a new level of fulfillment, enjoyment and be unapologetic in showing up to work as an empowered leader and their most authentic self.

Module One

Accelerate Your Confidence


  • Eliminate self-doubt through understanding & befriending the inner critic in you that brings down your self-confidence.
  • Set up a quick win plan that will help you step outside your comfort zone in a meaningful way to increase your confidence and self-assurance.
  • Pre-empt and proactively manage self-doubts by making the mindset shift on how you perceive yourself through 2 techniques you can do daily to build your “confidence muscle”


“I am not good enough…I do not belong…” These are probably some of the stories you have been subconsciously telling yourself, and it has been slowing eating away your confidence. The funny thing is…these only reside in your head. None of this is true. You are enough. You belong. Say that out loud! 

It’s time to break free from your self-imposed stories. 

The good news is that confidence is both a mindset and a skill. This means it is never too late to reclaim your confidence. Through constant practice and nurturing, you’ll start feeling confident in no time!

This module is jam-packed with useful exercises and challenges that will get you excited to approach any situation at any time, knowing you’ll do it at your most confident state.

Module Two

Stop Saying Yes


  • Recognise your triggers and proactively manage your people-pleasing tendencies by making a few simple yet effective mindset shifts.
  • Grow your confidence to say no through clearly articulating the value you know you bring to your company/business
  • Push back and prioritise work without damaging work relationships through creating healthy boundaries and finding clarity and alignment on your goals, strengths and developmental areas.


Saying YES to everything is your biggest pitfall. Ultimately your drive to keep everyone happy is stopping you from achieving your full potential and it’s causing you unnecessary stress and burnout. 

It’s hard to say no, especially when you and your colleagues are used to you saying yes. Well, not anymore! 

This module will leave you feeling recharged, energised and even excited to say no so you can focus on what’s important to you, get recognition at the same time while maintaining healthy work relationships and protecting your wellbeing.

Module Three

Authentic Self Impression


  • Recognise and accept the gap between your ideal image and the reality through an impression assessment and verification.
  • Set up a tailored action plan to close the gap in a sustainable and practical manner.
  • Portray and steer the appropriate impression confidently for any situation by making small tweaks on your body language, vocal articulation, wardrobe and mindset.


I want a rewind button and I want it now! Ugh, I can’t believe I say / did that just now. How embarrassing!! They are going to think I’m such a weirdo. I’m going to try my best to avoid them. 

Ever feel like that? You’re not alone. Majority of the people worry about how they come across to others, especially during their first encounter. 

As they say “you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression” …WRONG! You have a second chance, a third and even a fourth chance to make a first impression. 

You’ll just need to make it memorable so they forget any other previous impression they have of you. 

This module will get you to stop agonising over meeting new people, project the impression you want to make with confidence and have fun doing it – all the while by just being YOU! 

Module Four

Conquer Office Politics


  • Decide how you want to engage in workplace politics through understanding its purpose, types of politics, usefulness and traps.
  • Create a strategy and implement your plan based on your decision to leverage workplace politics positively by aligning it with your career goals.
  • Create, nurture and grow a network of allies and champions who are invested in your growth and progression through a combination of mindset and networking challenges.


Work politics is such a drag – there’s no need to insert myself in it. I can do it on my own and my hard work will speak of itself. WRONG – your hard work will not speak of itself and not all workplace politics is pointless. 

People who engage in workplace politics get more visibility and progression opportunities than those who don’t. There is no getting out of it. 

Plus, throw out the thought of office politics as backstabbing and sucking up to your bosses. You don’t need to go down that path. 

I will show you a different and more empowering way to engage in workplace politics. You will walk away from this module with a clear strategy and a network of champions and allies who will proactively invest in your growth and career progression. 

Module Five

Self-Directed Leadership


  • Understand what leadership means to you through exploring the different facets of leadership, authority, accountability and empowerment.
  • Create a leadership blueprint to focus your leadership development by getting crystal clear on your non-negotiables, expectations and commitments as a role model.
  • Start to develop an authentic leadership style suited to your personality type through understanding the different leadership styles, deepening your emotional intelligence and experimenting.   


Leadership is not about rank. I’m sure you have had seniors within your workplace that you would never classify as a leader. Just because they have authority, it doesn’t automatically make them a leader. Conversely, just because you don’t have anyone to manage, that does not mean you are not a leader. 

Being a leader is about how you are positively influencing the people around you. It is about the qualities you demonstrate, the actions you do and the way you motivate and empower the people around you. Soon, you’ll notice people will start following you.

This module will set you up to supercharge your capability and competency to transition into an authentic leader you are proud of. So, let’s not waste any more time and start being a leader from where you are now.

Module Six

Career Fulfilment Blueprint


  • Find your own path to achieve career fulfilment through understanding what brings you meaning at work, building a sense of purpose aligned to your company’s values and shifting the way you approach your work.
  • Develop a clear vision and career blueprint to accelerate your growth and progression through 3 exercises.
  • Set up an actionable plan that will constantly stretch you to achieve your career goals through seeking the right mentorship and embedding the right feedback loop.


It’s not all about the money. You don’t go to work just to earn money. Yes, earning enough so you achieve financial stability is important and the main driver for a lot of people who are just starting out in their careers. However, you’ll need more than money to thrive in your career. You need to find joy, happiness and fulfilment. 

This takes more than accomplishing ‘simple’ achievements like promotions, advancements and big clients win. I use the word simple with an apostrophe because while I know you have worked immensely hard to achieve it, all of these are fleeting. All these achievements only give you short-term happiness with you left wanting more and pursuing the next thing. 

Lasting happiness comes from finding fulfilment at work, and this feeling is different for everyone. This comes with understanding your sense of purpose and what brings meaning in your life. You’ll need to understand what success means to you and set benchmarks so you can make meaningful achievements. This will evolve over time too as you gain more experience and life lessons. 

This is why this module is crucial in getting you to achieve clarity on your career success and set the condition where you feel satisfaction and fulfilment at the end of each workday.

Module Seven

Agility, Resilience & Performance


  • Develop the ability to adapt and be agile in different situations through developing a growth mindset.
  • Develop resilience to setbacks through building a support network, fostering mental wellness and connecting to your purpose.
  • Increase capability and time to focus on what matters most by understanding work-life balance, shifting assumptions and setting healthy and sustainable boundaries.


All of us work in a fast-paced environment. The only constant nowadays is change. Hence in order to succeed, you’ll need to be able to thrive in the face of any and all changes. 

The key to this is agility and resilience. You need to be agile in order to adapt and pivot quickly, and have the resilience to quickly get back on your feet in the face of any setbacks and surprises. 

This is ultimately what is going to keep you moving forward in your career. This module will develop these key skills so that you’ll always remain in control, eliminate burnout, thrive in the workplace and also have a rich personal life.

Module Eight

Consolidate for Growth


  • Consolidate and reflect on your learnings and refine your next steps to move forward in your career in a sustainable manner.


This has been an intense sprint; however, your journey does not end here. It is only the beginning.

By now, you will have seen massive changes in your confidence level, started getting noticed by your leaders and peers, and seen a leap in your career clarity and progression. 

It is important for you to take the time to consolidate and reflect on all of your learnings and experience – What has worked well? What hasn’t? Why? What else should I be doing? – and refine your goals, plans and next steps so it remains aligned to your vision and blueprint.

Please get in touch with Lily at for more information.