Please Go Through Everything Before Your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

My goal is to empower you to reclaim your confidence, find your voice and take charge of your career. I do this because I have been in your place – I have the person who have struggled with progressing in her career, who did not know how to build genuine connections, who did not know how to speak up while staying true to who I am as a person, and who lack self-belief.

The way I do this is through coaching, mentoring and equipping you with the tools and clarity you need to succeed and progress in your career. I am here to help you to let go of your past, along with all your unhelpful habits and behaviours, and we will work together to build you an exciting future, through getting clear on your strengths, goals and making positive changes in the way you approach and show up to work.

I will bring you on a journey of self-discovery to find a new level of fulfilment, enjoyment and be unapologetic in showing up to work as an empowered leader and as your most authentic self.

2. What can I expect from the call?

This is a no strings attached call (i.e. free call with no obligation to work together) for us to determine a few things. Firstly, we’re going to understand what’s exactly the root issue that is stopping you from reclaiming your confidence and progressing your career in the manner you desire. Once we’re both clear on what’s going on, then we’ll discuss your goals and, if we determine working together is your best next step towards achieving your goals and solving your root issue, we’ll then talk about that. If it ends up not being a fit, I will still point you in the direction of resources that will help you.

A few things for you to prepare ahead of our call:

– Be in a quiet and distraction-free place where you can focus

– Be prepared to share and be open about your struggles and goals

– Have a pen and paper handy

– Relax and be prepared to have fun

3. Who is Lily Woi?
A self-proclaimed extroverted introvert, I’ve spent years figuring out who the hell I was. Always yearning for connection but yet constantly wanting my solitude. Not fully fitting in but not excluded as well. More often than not, I feel like I don’t belong and have spent years struggling to find my voice, passion and identity. It made me self-conscious that I didn’t know who I am supposed to be.

Starting my career in corporate consulting felt like a blank slate. I could wipe clean all my insecurities and start fresh with confidence. How wrong I was. If anything, it amplified. Often, I’m told to speak up, that I’m too quiet, that I need to try to fit in more, leading me to constantly trying to be someone I’m not. Of course, all of these advice was given with the most well-meaning intention but it backfired. Eventually, it made me doubt my professional abilities and eroded my confidence massively. I felt I had to maintain a positive and happy facade, and said yes to almost everything to prove my value. It was mentally and physically exhausting.

Fortunately, I also met a lot of great mentors and coaches in my career who noticed my struggles and gave me the space to figure things out, supporting me with their guidance and pushing me to step into my power. They gave me the tools and reality check that I needed to stop holding myself back and start turning up to life and work authentically. I learnt to hold my space and became proud and unapologetic of my value. I started getting noticed for the right reason. I was on my leaders’ radar and quickly started getting progression opportunities that I wanted. Within the year, I was a potential candidate for fast-track promotion. More importantly, through all of these, I felt happier and more fulfilled than I have ever been.

At the same time, I came across an opportunity to deliver career and leadership development for a global multinational client and immediately jumped at it. And that was the spark that led me to where I am today. Everything fell into place. I found my calling. I was so passionate about doing this that I managed to carve out a role within my company to do just that, delivering career coaching and leadership development for current and upcoming leaders. All the while being more ‘junior’ in grade. I created a career that I get excited about every day.

And on the cusp of a lucrative promotion, I resigned from my company with zero regrets. This shocked a lot of my colleagues. I decided I want to do this full time on my own terms. I am clear and confident of my worth and value, a title is no longer needed. This has been the best decision I have made in my career. So here I am.

I’m here to help you to become the leader you aspire to be, to create a career that you get excited about and to be the best version of yourself.

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Some People I’ve Worked With

Joey Pickering

Manager, Deloitte

“The experience working with Lily was a delight. She brought a maturity and depth of conversation and learning unlike any I’ve ever experienced on a training course; personalised, informative, and reflective. She enabled me to consciously identify and understand certain behaviours and manage them accordingly to present the best version of me in the workplace”

Ben Armitage

Consulting, Deloitte

“My experience working with Lily is in one word ‘Fantastic’! She made it a safe and supportive atmosphere to have honest conversations and open debates about our collective journeys and experiences. It’s made me rethink my leadership style and increase my awareness of different tools to use to get the best out of my team, with coaching and growth mindset as the highlight.”


Manager, Deloitte Netherlands

“Working with Lily was easy. She asked me confronting questions and helped me realise that I was telling myself lies most of the time. She helped me to see things differently. I have less difficulty in saying No and no longer fear people will dislike me, or see me less than I am. She gave me space to be myself, didn’t judge me and allowed me to experience my own feelings.”

Paula de Man

Aon Cyber M&A Consultant

“My biggest challenge was imposter syndrome – not believing and being able to put into words the value I had brought to the programme. What helped me was the fact that Lily held the space and let me explore my underlying feelings and thoughts below the surface. She made me feel comfortable and was engaged, expressing how my skills could help me prosper in other roles.”

Rachel Boyle

Senior Consultant, Deloitte

“She is so welcoming and interested in ways to help, using different tools to support the process. She listened intently and the sessions were really useful to think through decisions and process situations. I was surprised at my new thought awareness and often use the techniques learnt in different situations to think about my options and how to proceed. Absolutely recommend her.”

Maryam Idris

Data & CRM Systems Consultant

“I have started to think about the way I sell myself to employers differently. I am not as intimidated by the prospect of talking about myself and what I do. I know what I have to offer. I would recommend Lily to anyone who is struggling with their career, feel stuck and don’t know how to fix it. I have started to feel that it’s not a mountain I need to climb, it’s more of a hill I need to steadily climb with the support of her.”